Going way too far with amusement park speculation.

Going way too far with amusement park speculation.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Six Flags 2014

So, with Six Flags announcing their 2013 rides a few months ago, we all wonder what will happen in 2014? Well this is my take:

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom:
Now, in 2012 we saw Superman and 2013 we saw a new show, so what will 2014 bring us to SFDK? Well, it has been rumored that the 3D theater will come back. So, we might be able to see the return of the 3D theater in 2014.

Six Flags Magic Mountain:
It has been rumored that in 2014, we'll see a "Super Skyscreamer" come to SFMM, like the Texas Skyscreamer coming to Six Flags Over Texas next year. It is a 400' swing ride.

Six Flags Mexico:
SFM is recieving Joker, their new coaster in 2013, so don't expect anything big. Maybe a new show will come in 2014 to SFM.

Six Flags Fiesta Texas:
I doubt anything large is coming as SFFT is recieving Iron Rattler in 2013. Like SFM, expect something like a show.

Six Flags Over Texas:
Basically like SFM & SFFT, don't expect much since Texas Skyscreamer is coming in 2013.

Six Flags St. Louis:
So, 2011 brought Sky Screamer, 2012 brought Mr. Freeze Reverse Blast, and 2013 is bringing Boomerang. So, with all these new additions recently, 2014 will most likely be a quiet year for Six Flags St. Louis.

Six Flags Great America:
X-Flight came in 2012, so I wouldn't expect a major ride for 2014, but maybe a Sky Screamer or some medium-sized flat ride will come in 2014.

Six Flags Over Georgia:
The last large investment in SFOG was Dare Devil Dive in 2011, so maybe a mid-sized coaster will come in 2014 like an Intamin ZacSpin (a clone of Green Lantern, Magic Mountain).

Six Flags America:
Usually I don't expect much from this park, so perhaps a Sky Screamer at the most.

Six Flags Great Adventure:
Now, I always think about the 3 major parks in the Six Flags chain: Magic Mountain, Great America, & Great Adventure. Great America got a major coaster in 2012, Magic Mountain got a major coaster in 2013, so I expect Great Adventure to get a major coaster in 2014. Now, I wouldn't expect much, so perhaps a B&M Wing Coaster or a small Intamin Multi-Launch coaster will come in 2014. I expect Great Adventure to get the largest ride/coaster in 2014.

Six Flags New England:
Screamscape rumored they are getting a "Super Skyscreamer" for 2014. It would be just like my description of Magic Mountain's Super Skyscreamer.

Great Escape:
Some small ride, I don't expect much from this park.

La Ronde:
Some small ride, I don't expect much from this park like Great Escape.


  1. I think that if SFGAdv., MM, and GAm will be trading off for new rollercoasters, Maybe MM will always have something new, but they've got a Zacspin, Large Drop ride, and a top hat rollercoaster. So, Great Adventure is most likely to get something next year. Then Great America. MM already has the coaster title and the first of a lot of things. I think that they should focus on the other two parks, close down all the small lame parks, and increase the size of the three parks, and maybe add a park to Florida. Other than that OT is becoming popular, so they should keep that. Oh yeah, I'm awesome!!!

    1. Well, for most of us, one of those small, lame parks is all we have to enjoy without driving ridiculously out of our way. Those three main parks have enough, they don't need to expand their thrill ride selection as anxiously as a few of the "lesser" parks, like St. Louis and Great Escape, do. Instead of spoiling SFMM and SFGA goers more they already have been, Six Flags should spend some time and money focusing on parks like the Great Escape, that haven't received more than two thrill rides in the past ten years. I've watched for years, as countless shiny new B&Ms and Intamins get placed in a select few parks to the point of saturation. It would be nice to see a B&M, or iron horse, or any coaster taller than 100 feet come our way sometime. And what the hell is the point of a Florida park, have you counted the number of Coaster Palaces there are down there?

    2. I do agree that some of the smaller parks need a bit more attention, though SFMM & SFGAdv will always be getting the best treatment from Six Flags corporate especially in new rides. SFMM & SFGAdv have a lot of thrills, so I think that SFMM & SFGAdv both need to work on quality on their thrill rides collection as they already have the quantity. Rumors like the Iron Horse Colossus is what I would like to see SFMM have in the future. SFMM in particular needs to compete with other Southern California amusement parks such as Knott's Berry Farm, so they do need to have new rides to lure people into their park.

  2. About SFOT. We have been complaining about not having a "FUN" roller coaster since 2001 with the addition of the Titan. SFOT promised us this time they will get us something good in 2014 (Said and Employee) and I'm betting its coming from the ride swap program. Maybe Bizzaro or Batwing.

    1. It'd be interesting if they swapped out Batwing. I think, if anything, it'd be good for Six Flags America. It's ill placed in the park and taking up a good chunk of land that they could redevelop with something fresh. Six Flags America is my homepark and, like others, I'd love to see it shine again one day instead of getting poor and painful hand me downs i.e. Iron Wolf. Even if it's only a new Sky Screamer (albeit only 200 feet due to AAFB nearby), it'd be a good start since their flat section is a bit week. They could also put it over by the old Two Face coaster since the station is currently rotting away.

    2. Six Flags Over Texas recently opened New Texas Giant, which is classified as a new attraction. Being a RMC coaster, New Texas Giant is definitely a "fun" coaster that SFOT received after 2001.

      I'd like to see SFOT get something BIG for 2014 as the park is overdue for a major investment, something more than the $10 million New Texas Giant.

    3. Corey B., I certainly would like to see Six Flags America to have a major investment, though the park doesn't seem to bring enough capital for any major investment. I'd like to see something like an Intamin Water Coaster, like a smaller Divertical, to be built in SFA.

      Batwing was repainted this offseason, so I don't see it going anywhere.

  3. Six Flags Mexico Announced they are getting ride of Medusa on August 18th and replacing it with a cowboy show

    My home park is Great America and i think they should trade whizzer to another park cause its been there since opening and was almost removed twice.

    It would be nice to see a suspended roller coaster with a cart come to a six flags park- One example is iron dragon at cedar point

  4. I think they should get rid of kong and take to the new six flags park and replace it with a batman ride at six flags discovery kingdom

    1. Why? I know Kong is known to be one of the worse coasters in Discovery Kingdom, though it still is a very popular ride. The Batman B&M Inverted coasters are much better, though they are less compact than Kong and it would not fit.

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