Going way too far with amusement park speculation.

Going way too far with amusement park speculation.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

What will be the first Six Flags park with a giga coaster?

Six Flags is known for their thrilling roller coasters, though we haven't seen any giga coaster (a complete circuit 300' - 399' tall coaster) being built at any Six Flags park. Though, I doubt that fact will live much longer, as I expect at least one Six Flags park to receive one in a few years, but which one? Here are some candidates of Six Flags parks capable of having a giga coaster:

Six Flags Over Texas
It's easy to start with the first Six Flags park, which opened in 1961. SFOT's last major investment was Titan in 2001 and I see the park getting something big in a few years. A giga coaster would work well as the park encompasses the whole Dallas-Fort Worth area with no direct competition from any amusement park. Six Flags corporate likes to say that SFOT is their flagship park, so why not build their first giga coaster there? The park has enough room as the abandoned shopping center could be a possible location for one.

Six Flags Great Adventure
This park is the East Coast's biggest amusement park with Kingda Ka, a record breaking coaster, and El Toro, voted the #1 wooden coaster, so I would not be surprised if they received a giga coaster in a few years. The last time SFGAdv had a major investment was back in 2006, El Toro, so they are overdue for a major investment. The park basically has unlimited land with over 3 square miles of land, mostly untouched by man.

Six Flags Magic Mountain
Known as the world's most thrilling park, Magic Mountain is the park with the most roller coasters and in 1997 - 2003, there was seven consecutive years of new coasters. Though, Magic Mountain recently has gotten smaller, more frequent investments. Full Throttle, Green Lantern, Lex Luthor, and Apocalypse don't count as major investments for this park in my book. I count Tatsu, back in 2006, as the last really major investment. You could say that Full Throttle is a major investment, so I'd not heavily disagree that Magic Mountain's most recent major investment is opening next month. Anyways, the park has tons of land which can easily occupy a giga coaster.

Six Flags Great America
One of Six Flags' most popular parks and one of the enthusiast favorite Six Flags parks, Great America is Chicago's massive amusement park. Chicagoland has no amusement park that comes any close to SFGAm. The last major investment is 2012, X-Flight. Though, being one of Six Flags' most attended amusement parks, I would not be surprised if they got another massive investment in a few years. The problem is that if a new attraction is over 125', it needs to be approved by Gurnee. It would be difficult to build such a massive coaster, though the park already has a 285' Intamin gyro tower, Sky Trek Tower, and a B&M hyper coaster.

These are the potential candidates for the first Six Flags park to have a giga coaster. What are your thoughts? Comment below.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Cedar Fair 2014

Since I posted about what Six Flags parks will get in 2014 a few days ago, I thought about what their rival, Cedar Fair, will build in 2014.

California's Great America:
Since 2013 is bringing Gold Striker, 2014 will be something minor.

Knott's Berry Farm:
I'll just repeat what I said in the "Knott's Berry Farm 2014, 2015, & Beyond" post:
There was a big rumor that Knott's Berry Farm is recieving a giga coaster in the near future. This was all started by Screamscape, though I don't believe that Knott's is the right park for a giga coaster. I think a B&M mini-hyper like Hollywood Dream (Universal Studios Japan) & Goliath (La Ronde) would fit well in Knott's by having the station perhaps in the old Kingdom of the Dinosaurs building.
The last big addition for Valleyfair was back in 2007, Renegade. Though, I don't expect 2014 to have a big addition, maybe 2015. In 2014, Valleyfair might get a medium-sized flat ride or a family coaster.

Worlds of Fun:
The last big addition for Worlds of Fun was back in 2009, Prowler. But like Valleyfair, don't expect much in 2014. Maybe 2015 might bring something large.

Michigan's Adventure:
I never expect anything big in this park, so have low expectations.

Cedar Point:
With Gatekeeper coming in 2013, Cedar Fair will most likely have a small addition in 2014.

Kings Island:
I expect Kings Island to get the largest addition in 2014 as it would be the replacement for Son of Beast. I expect anything huge such as an Intamin Giga Launch (think Formula Rossa but slower and taller), a B&M Wing Coaster, or even a Mack Multi-Launch coaster perhaps like a larger version of Blue Fire.

Dorney Park:
Dorney will most likely get something large in 2015 as it isn't a very big park and they recieved Stinger in 2012. Stinger might not seem like a major addition but to the normal park-goer, it is. So, maybe some new water slides for Wildwater Kingdom in 2014.

Kings Dominion:
Screamscape reported that Anaconda is leaving soon, so I expect 2014 to be the demolition of Anaconda, but its replacement to be in 2015. I expect something small in 2014 as I expect Kings Island & Knott's Berry Farm for getting the major rides in 2014.

Carowinds will probably get something small. They might get something in 2015 or 2016 as Intimidator wouldn't be thought of as a new coaster by then.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Six Flags 2014

So, with Six Flags announcing their 2013 rides a few months ago, we all wonder what will happen in 2014? Well this is my take:

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom:
Now, in 2012 we saw Superman and 2013 we saw a new show, so what will 2014 bring us to SFDK? Well, it has been rumored that the 3D theater will come back. So, we might be able to see the return of the 3D theater in 2014.

Six Flags Magic Mountain:
It has been rumored that in 2014, we'll see a "Super Skyscreamer" come to SFMM, like the Texas Skyscreamer coming to Six Flags Over Texas next year. It is a 400' swing ride.

Six Flags Mexico:
SFM is recieving Joker, their new coaster in 2013, so don't expect anything big. Maybe a new show will come in 2014 to SFM.

Six Flags Fiesta Texas:
I doubt anything large is coming as SFFT is recieving Iron Rattler in 2013. Like SFM, expect something like a show.

Six Flags Over Texas:
Basically like SFM & SFFT, don't expect much since Texas Skyscreamer is coming in 2013.

Six Flags St. Louis:
So, 2011 brought Sky Screamer, 2012 brought Mr. Freeze Reverse Blast, and 2013 is bringing Boomerang. So, with all these new additions recently, 2014 will most likely be a quiet year for Six Flags St. Louis.

Six Flags Great America:
X-Flight came in 2012, so I wouldn't expect a major ride for 2014, but maybe a Sky Screamer or some medium-sized flat ride will come in 2014.

Six Flags Over Georgia:
The last large investment in SFOG was Dare Devil Dive in 2011, so maybe a mid-sized coaster will come in 2014 like an Intamin ZacSpin (a clone of Green Lantern, Magic Mountain).

Six Flags America:
Usually I don't expect much from this park, so perhaps a Sky Screamer at the most.

Six Flags Great Adventure:
Now, I always think about the 3 major parks in the Six Flags chain: Magic Mountain, Great America, & Great Adventure. Great America got a major coaster in 2012, Magic Mountain got a major coaster in 2013, so I expect Great Adventure to get a major coaster in 2014. Now, I wouldn't expect much, so perhaps a B&M Wing Coaster or a small Intamin Multi-Launch coaster will come in 2014. I expect Great Adventure to get the largest ride/coaster in 2014.

Six Flags New England:
Screamscape rumored they are getting a "Super Skyscreamer" for 2014. It would be just like my description of Magic Mountain's Super Skyscreamer.

Great Escape:
Some small ride, I don't expect much from this park.

La Ronde:
Some small ride, I don't expect much from this park like Great Escape.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Knott's Berry Farm 2014, 2015, & Beyond!

Knott's Berry Farm recently announced their new additions for 2013: Coast Rider, Surfside Glider, & Pacific Scrambler. All 3 rides will be replacing Perilous Plunge. Now, many coaster enthusiasts were dissapointed to see that there wasn't a giga coaster for 2013. Cedar Fair announced two major coasters for next year (Gold Striker & Gatekeeper), so it did not surprise me that Knott's got a medium sized addition. Now, I don't think it is too early to speculate the future, so this is my take on what new rides may come to Knott's Berry Farm:

2014: There was a big rumor that Knott's Berry Farm is recieving a giga coaster in the near future. This was all started by Screamscape, though I don't believe that Knott's is the right park for a giga coaster. I think a B&M mini-hyper like Hollywood Dream (Universal Studios Japan) & Goliath (La Ronde) would fit well in Knott's by having the station perhaps in the old Kingdom of the Dinosaurs building. With the rumored big Kings Island replacement for Son of Beast in 2014, I expect Kings Island & Knott's Berry Farm to get the two major rides in Cedar Fair for 2014.

2015: Ever since Mice Chat's interview with Raffi, Knott's General Manager, the rumor of a dark ride in Knott's has emerged. Here is a quote from the interview:
Dark rides are big in the industry right now, and we have been talking with a few manufacturers about that possibility, just feeling things out.
I expect that Sally Rides would be the best option for Knott's as their interactive dark rides with blasters are a hit for families and they aren't very expensive. Since Knott's is looking at a manufacturer right now (supposedly), I expect a dark ride in 2015.

2016: A rumor on Screamscape said how Screamin' Swing might be leaving. The post was deleted on Screamscape, but it stated how the upcharge of $5 was not generating profit for the ride. I expect a medium-sized flat ride like a Mondial Top Scan or Gerstlauer Sky Fly to take its place in 2016. Also, in 2016, it has been rumored that GhostRider would be recieving new trains and topper track to make it smoother.

2017: Boomerang has been aging quite badly and perhaps 2016 will be its last year. A medium-sized coaster could be a good replacement for it, perhaps a S&S El Loco.

2018 & Beyond: It is a bit too much speculating this far in the future, but perhaps the Knott's parking lot would be permanently moved across the street and have a small parking garage in one section. This move could expand the park somehow into the old parking lot's location. A replacement for Sky Cabin could come when a new type of tower is designed to take its place. One of the flat rides in Fiesta Village (like Wave Swinger or Hat Dance) could be removed for something new. Some new Camp Snoopy rides would replace old ones. A new Timberline Twister could be built by Miler or Vekoma. Coast Rider could be removed for something larger. Pretty much, the possibilities are endless.